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The leyend of knight Suero de Quiñones: “El Paso Honroso”

"El Paso Honroso" is the name for a joust organised by the medieval knight Suero de Quiñones. This knight was from León, and this joust took place from the 10th of July to the 9th of August of 1434. The purpose of this joust was to honour his beloved dame. This joust is one of the most imortant in European medieval time, and also a good example of courtly love, because the knight was “prisioner” to get the love of his dame and the only way to be free from his “prision” was to break three hundred lances. When Suero de Quiñones, with the help of some knights faithful to him, had broken three hundred lances the iron ring he had to wear every Thursday around his neck (symbol of his “prision”) could be broken and he could get the love of his dame. The place chosen to joust was a bridge over the Orbigo river, a place near Astorga and León. According to the votes made by Suero de Quiñones, every knight who cross over the bridge had to fight against him or against some of his faithful knights. The king Juan II gave his permission to this joust; and the event, its rules, dates and conditions were cried in the European Courts. The regulation wrote for this joust stipulated the right sending of its rules, minimum security conditions for the knights who would like to fight in it (some of these security conditions were for example to give them weapons, horses and clothes according to their social status) but instead the knights could not keep their anonymity and would have to give their names and origins. When the Tournament was over, Sir Suero, followed by a crowd, went to León and visited San Isidoro Relics. After this visit, and after spending some days in Laguna de Negrillos, where he had a castle, he pilgrimaged to Santiago de Compostela. When he arrived to the Apostle tomb, he left a golden bracelet with pearls and a legend writen in french as a present to the Apostle. Nowdays this bracelet is still worn by Santiago´s bust shrine around his neck.

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